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Zorica S

Zorica is a Macedonian voice over artist who's been in the business for over 7 years. She is ideal for commercials that require a touch of sexiness and a bright, crispy voice.


Maja is a Macedonian voice over artist and newscaster based in Skopje. She has very bright and cheerful voice and is ideal for commercials. 


Aleksandra is an upcoming Macedonian voice over artist with an astonishing portfolio. She is the brand voice for one of the Macedonian telecoms.


Amernis is a bi-lingual Macedonian and Albanian voice over artist. She is an IMDB featured actress and she is one of the best ADR and dubbing acttresses in Macedonia. 


Petar is a Macedonian Voice over artist with 20 years of media experience. He is the brand voice for Lyoness, and has voices over 200 hours of audio books.


Gorast is an IMDB listed actor based in Macedonia. His voice can be often heard on Hollywood blockbusters and he is great at doing character voices.

Petar C

Petar's deep voice is ideal for e-learning, corporate narration or audio books, however, he also enjoys doing commercial work, especially for the medical industry.


Deni is a narrator. He is the ideal candidate to voice your audio book In Macedonian or to land his voice to a cartoon character. 


Iva is an upcoming Macedonian voice over artist. She is strong, convincing, enthusiastic, memorable, versatile


Elena is a Macedonian voice over artist with warm, melodious and gracious voice.Excellent for narrating documentaries and radio commercials.  


Young, hipster voice with attention to detail. Irena's Macedonian voice over can sell your beauty product with a touch of sexines.


Rashela's alto is perfect for television and radio commercials, IVR's and narration of documentaries. Ability for act and transformation when necesaary


Sandra is a friendly female Macedonian voice, vivid and joyful, with significant skills in presenting radio programs.


Vesna is the image voice for one the Macedonian national TV stations and exceptional narrator. She has narrated over 300 hours of audio books.

Zorica P

IMDB actress  with clear, sonorous and pleasing voice. She is talented Macedonian voice artist, specialized in synchronization.Also good in performing voice overs for radio and tv commercials.


Ana is a Macedonian voice over artist with loud, vibrant and strong voice. She is voicing mostly in-store messages and TV commercials.


Lile has a warm and clear female Macedonian voice for recording commercials, with reliability to keep your audience listening and interested.


IMDB featured actor with specific and little bit hoarse Macedonian voice with the possibility of transformation in several shades, with rich experience in shooting commercials for radio and television purposes.


IMDB featured actor with serious voice, ideal for dubbing feature films and corporate content, or adding a touch of seriousness to your commercial 


Powerful, Convincing, Rich, Husky, Vibrant are some of the adjectives that can describe this Macedonian voice over. 


Dimitar is a professional voice over artist and he is working on non broadcast projects. His voice is charming, sophisticated, energetic, friendly and warm.


Ilija is a Macedonian smooth baritone voice , with precise tone and expression.Suitable for narrating audio books.


Igor is young and upcoming Macedonian voice over artist, yet he has an impressive portfolio. His voice is dynamic, cheerful, energetic and versatile.


Jordan is an IMDB listed actor based in Macedonia. His voice is strong, loud, modern, dynamic, powerful, convincing and is ideal for commercials.


Ognen's deep voice is ideal for serious content such as e-learning, IVR, or explainer videos. 


Teuta is another IMDB featured actress that is on our roster. Her voice is exquisite, cheerful, energetic, melodious and enchanting.


Enjoyable deep Macedonian voice, with discrete tone,suitable for narrating and voice acting in radio and television advertising.


Tanja is an IMDB featured acres and has extravagant rich deep voice, which excellently can be used for radio and TV commercials in which required singing.


Senko is another IMDB featured Macedonian actor. His voice is mature, deep and is excellent for both commercial and non commercial materials. 


Dimitrije is another Macedonian IMDB listed actor. He can transform his voice in different ways and is ideal for commercials. 

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