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Why are Macedonian Voice over artists hard to find?

Quite often we get approached bу the big Marketing agencies with the question - Why are Macedonian voice over talents so hard to find? The answer to this question is easy- There is no centralized place where you can go searching for Macedonian voice overs.

Most often, in addition to localizing TV commercials, Macedonian voice over artist also dub TV content. Over the past 5 years, Macedonia has seen an expansion in TV dubbing, with local TV stations dubbing up to 10 hours of programming on daily bases. This demand for Voice acting has resulted in disruption in the supply and demand chain, making Macedonian voice actors even harder to find.

Each talent works on his/her own and almost none of them have web presence, so your online search usually ends up with some third-country based agency that have scouted one or two talents and is pushing them at really high prices, without regulating the buyouts and usage rights, which puts you, as a client at risk.

I mean, take a listen to what is available online in terms of Macedonian voice over samples and you will notice that it is the same voice demo being cast by different recording studios over and over again. Yet, there are numerous voice over artists in Macedonia that work on daily bases for local clients and local marketing agencies. How do we get to them, you wander? Well, you are at the right spot.

We have decided to overcome that gap by bringing some of the top rated Macedonian based voice talents to a single place, where you can listen to each individual person and select what is best for you. In case you can't find a tone of voice that you like, we can always do a custom casting for you.and match the color and tone of the original voice. And best of all, the cost is clear upfront!

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