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How to get in the VO business - Part 1?

Very often people ask me how to get in the voice over business. To them, it seems cool that we make a living by talking and having fun. But, the road to glory is often paved with rocks. Out of 10 people who want to get in the voice over industry, only 1 makes to the big stars, while the other 9 either work for below market rates or have to take up on an additional job just to make through the month! Now, that I have made this clear, lets move on to the steps you need to take so you can get in the voice over business.

Macedonian voiceover

1. First and foremost - you need some kind of a show reel/demo tape to send to potential clients and agencies. If you are serious about getting work, this needs to be recorded in a professional studio and mastered by a professional sound engineer. The content of the reel is really up to you. But before you go into a studio and record, ask yourself - what type of content do I want to voice? Do I want to use my voice for commercials, characters or I want to be serious and tackle the corporate work. No matter what you pick, put your heart and your soul into the session. Read the script over and over

until you are familiar with every single coma and full stop. In each read, put a different emotion and try to bring the script to life! Once you have the demo reel ready, we can move onto step...

2.Send the demo out and make yourself known. While this seems like an easy step, it is actually quite difficult. You can start off by creating your own portfolio web site, advertise on the social networks, submit your demo reel to various marketing agencies in hope that someone will hire you to do their voice-over work. But the competition is very stiff. There are union talents who charge a fair amount for the work they do, and there are the low balers, who are trying to make a buck at any cost- very often underselling themselves and hurting the industry by delivering low quality work.

Here at Macedonian voice overs, we only work with the best available Macedonian voice over talents. All recording sessions take place in a professional studio, with proper acoustic treatment ensuring that our Macedonian voice over recordings are of highest quality.

Check out our Macedonian voice over artist on our voices page.

our blog next week to read more about the steps needed to make in the world of voice overs. !

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